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2018 Three Round NFL Mock Draft: Alan Cole

Draft week is upon us and soon enough, the college football stars of recent seasons will have new homes as the next generation of NFL … Read More
  • By Alan Cole
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2017 Fantasy Preview: Top Ten Wide Receivers

Today's NFL is a passing league. Every single team - all 32 of them! - passed more often than they ran last year, and receivers are much more … Read More

Frantic Friday: Fantasy Fallout

Big NFL news often comes out on Friday afternoons, particularly suspensions - as if they're being hidden - so it's unsurprising that it this was the … Read More

2017 Fantasy Preview: Top Ten Running Backs

Fantasy football has traditionally been all about the running backs. While the "Zero RB" strategy of loading up on pass-catchers early and taking … Read More

Fantasy Start/Sit: Week Seven, 2016

Week Seven takes us to around the halfway point in the fantasy regular season, depending on how your league organises playoffs, and it's another big … Read More

Fantasy Start/Sit: Week Six, 2016

With Week Six on deck, we're fast approaching the midpoint of the fantasy regular season. Can you believe that? Maybe your dreams already lie in … Read More