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Noah Fant and Drew Lock: John Elway’s final swing for the fences?

Drew Lock being selected by the Denver Broncos was one of the most popular mock selections in draft season. John Elway is renowned for drafting tall … Read More

Desperation in the desert: The Kyler Murray experiment

Don’t let the routine nature of it fool you. It felt very ho-hum when they drafted Kyler Murray with the first overall selection in Thursday … Read More
  • By Alan Cole
  • 10 min read time
  • 104 reads

2019 NFL Mock Draft: Interactive Mock II

The second of this year's Read American Football interactive mock drafts took place on April 6th, two weeks after the first. Once again, the mock ran … Read More

2019 NFL Mock Draft: Alan Cole, April 5, Two Rounds

It’s April, which only means one thing in the NFL. It’s drafting season. The build-up to this draft has been unlike any other one in recent … Read More
  • By Alan Cole
  • 29 min read time
  • 135 reads

Kyler Murray Deep Dive – 2019 NFL Draft Prospect Film Analysis

Draft season is all about making difficult decisions. Kyler Murray had to make one of those this year, choosing between two sports. Now, a couple of … Read More

NFL Mock Draft - Will Arizona take Nick Bosa at #1? If so, what happens next?

NFL mock drafts are like chess games. The same pieces are set up in the same way to begin every time, but then the first move is made, the second … Read More