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2019 Wild Card Weekend Roundtable

Wild Card weekend is here, and there are no second chances anymore. Welcome to win-or-go-home football. Four of the twelve teams standing have … Read More

Eulogies For All 20 of the NFL’s Eliminated Teams

It’s at this time of the year where we say goodbye 62.5% of the NFL. The playoffs will begin next weekend, and 12 of the best teams in the league … Read More
  • By Alan Cole
  • 21 min read time
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The Chiefs And Chargers Both Reverted To Type Late In The Game

Before Thursday Night Football at Arrowhead Stadium, NFL teams this season were 0-88 with a 14-point deficit in the final five minutes of the … Read More
  • By Alan Cole
  • 8 min read time
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Week 15 Roundtable

Down the stretch we go, and it's anybody's guess who is going to make the playoffs and where they'll be going once they get to January. There are … Read More
  • By Alan Cole
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Old School Cool: The Seattle Seahawks

Coming into this season many had cast off the Seattle Seahawks as a mere afterthought. Seattle had been viewed as a team in decline, stuck in their … Read More

Sunday Was Rock Bottom For Washington

In 1814, Washington D.C. burned to the ground. Important United States government buildings disintegrated into ashes. James Madison—the sitting … Read More
  • By Alan Cole
  • 9 min read time
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