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The Giants and Browns drastically illustrated their role reversal with the OBJ trade

The Cleveland Browns and New York Giants struck a deal where a wide receiver on a Hall of Fame trajectory was dealt for a draft pick in the bottom … Read More
  • By Alan Cole
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NFL 2019 Draft Contenders

During the annual event that is the National Football League (NFL) Draft, players can be recruited into the NFL and traded between teams. It is a … Read More
  • By Ste Hoare
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Trade Analysis: Antonio Brown traded to the Oakland Raiders

Woah, that’s woken me up! The news that the Pittsburgh Steelers have agreed to trade Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders for a third-round and … Read More

The Patriots Won It All With Everything They Didn’t Have Last Year

Tom Brady wasn’t vintage in Super Bowl LIII. Not even close. He pulled out a touchdown drive in the fourth quarter against a Los Angeles defense … Read More
  • By Alan Cole
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Best Pictues From Super Bowl LIII

The New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions for the sixth time in franchise history, and they did it by defeating the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in … Read More
  • By Alan Cole
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Super Bowl LIII: The RAF Roundtable

The two-week buildup has ended, speculation is about to turn to reality, and the Lombardi Trophy is soon to be hoisted into the cavernous … Read More