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2019 Championship Sunday: Roundtable

Maybe the most exciting single day of the NFL season has arrived, and that day is Championship Sunday. Yes, these are but the two games that decide … Read More

Trade, Eagles, Trade?: What Happens Next With Nick Foles

The Philadelphia Eagles have a problem several other NFL teams would love to have - they have two quarterbacks who could legitimately start for them, … Read More

Forever Faithful: The 2018 San Francisco 49ers in Review

All throughout the 2018 off-season, San Francisco 49ers fans were in dreamland. After finishing the previous season winning their last five games … Read More

The Great Race To 20 On Divisional Weekend

When Andrew Luck hit Dontrelle Inman for an 18-yard touchdown pass to put the Colts up 21-0 in Houston, the game felt over. Dak Prescott’s … Read More
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2019 Divisional Round: Roundtable

The playoffs begin for four home teams, and continue for four intrepid visitors, as the Divisional Round brings another four-game feast of … Read More

Kyler Murray and the Dual-Sport Dilemma

Few athletes in history have faced a decision on the scale that Kyler Murray does at the start of 2019. In 2018, Kyler Murray was drafted ninth … Read More