The Big Game has arrived. Welcome to America’s biggest sporting, musical, and commercial night of the year — Super Bowl Sunday.

For many of the curious insomniacs stumbling across the coverage in Britain, there won’t be too much knowledge of the protagonists battling it out at Super Bowl LIV. The gridiron cognoscenti, however, are salivating at a potentially titanic tactical tussle between two of the sport’s most respected brains, as well as the teams they’re guiding.

Andy Reid’s Kansas City Chiefs have history to defy — Reid’s historic playoff struggles and lack of a championship to cap off a superb coaching career, his team’s lack of a championship in the 50-year post-merger era, even Patrick Mahomes being burdened by the “Madden Curse”— as well as Kyle Shanahan and his San Francisco 49ers. Shanahan has mental scars of his own from his final game before taking the Niners job, where the Atlanta Falcons team he masterminded as offensive coordinator infamously blew a 28-3 lead in Super Bowl LI. (The most painful Super Bowl loss ever? We have an answer for that.)

Someone’s leaving Miami on Monday with deeper mental scars than ever; the other will see them covered by the glow of victory. Which way round, and how? David Howell asked the questions; Alan Cole, Sam Brown, and Tyler Arthur joined him with the answers.