Welcome to Championship Sunday, the most exciting day of the NFL season.

No, it’s not Super Bowl Sunday. Sure, that’s when everything is decided, but it’s one game with one absurdly long halftime in front of one typically muted stadium crowd. You know an event’s overrated when a big part of its appeal is the commercials.

None of that nonsense on Championship Sunday. Two games, back-to-back, in front of raucous home crowds with no time to let Adam Levine suck the air out of the room. The action is ruthless, relentless, and ready to blow you away – and that’s just Derrick Henry in the first game. There’s another showdown between two of the most iconic teams in the sport after that.

To get a better idea for what to expect, David Howell asked questions, and Alan Cole and Tyler Arthur offered some extensive answers. So much to say about these games, so much at stake, and so little time for the Brits to sleep. Here we go!