The elite eight have been set. Every team is now two wins from Miami and three wins from Lombardi.

Divisional Round games are here. And we have plenty to say about them. Ste Hoare gave the games the once-over here, but there’s more angles on these games than the Mercedes-Benz Stadium roof, and so once again a roundtable has been assembled to investigate how the pieces might slide into place for the Championship Sunday lineup.

This analogy is as close as the Falcons might get to the postseason in a long time at this rate. Just ask Alan Cole, who is one of our contributors once again along with James Browning and Tyler Arthur. They’ve all got plenty to say, and so has David Howell, who set the questions in the first place.

Don’t forget that the Sunday games are now in the Championship Sunday timeslots, two hours later than last week, so British viewers can expect some more serious late nights. Bat wings ready, it’s time for us to swoop in…