Week 3 of the NFL’s 2019 preseason was amazing. We learned a lot about the teams and received some shocking news.

In top headlines, the Indianapolis Colts have plummeted on the NFL Odds boards with their odds to win the Super Bowl. The Colts were expected to be a playoff contender for the AFC South, but their star QB, Andrew Luck shocked us all with his announcement of early retirement. At just 29 years old and seven seasons in, the former Stanford Cardinal is quitting football.

But why? It seems like such a strange time to hang up the cleats, a time when the Colts are good again. They have offensive weapons and a solid defense, as we saw in their late-season push last year. The answer is simple. Andrew Luck has lost his joy for the game. Battling injuries throughout the years were just too much. It has taken a massive mental toll on the young star.

“I felt stuck and the only way out of it is to no longer play football,” Luck told the media on Saturday night. “It’s taken my joy away from the game.” – Luck

This is undoubtedly the ‘smart’ move, albeit, not the one us football fans want to see played out. He has to look out for the future, and not just in a financial way. The fact that he could end up a battered old young guy has likely been weighing heavily his mind. So, where do the Indianapolis Colts go from here? Jacoby Brisset will take the snaps from here on out. It’s not all doom and gloom, the Colts back-up was being groomed to take the reigns and he was the one who started in 2017 when Luck was out with am injured shoulder.

However, the Colts probability of smashing their way through the AFC South has been drastically reduced with Lucks’ announcement.

Titans Take Titanic Beating

We tend to use Week 3 of preseason play to gauge what we are going to get out of teams during the regular season. It’s like a full-on dress rehearsal with the majority of the starters getting significant amounts of playing time. If what we just saw out of the Tennessee Titans ends up as the barometer for their 2019 season, things are not looking so good in Nashville.

Marcus Mariota couldn’t complete a single pass. On top of that, he was sacked in the endzone for a safety in the first quarter. But it wasn’t just a sputtering Mariota-led offense that was the problem. The defense got overrun for touchdowns twice by the Steelers in the first quarter as well. IN many ways, this is scarier than their offense showing signs of struggle. The Titans’ defense was the rock that held the team together last season. If they can’t keep scores of the board, they are in for a long year, indeed.

On the other side of things, the Pittsburgh Steelers looked good. Big Ben took 13 snaps and completed weight passes for 63 yards and a touchdown. JuJu Smith-Schuster and Roethlisberger looked like they are ready to play pitch and catch in the regular season. Another positive sign for the Steelers offense is that Mason Rudolph looked great in his role as the No. 2 QB. Defensively, the Iron Curtain is back. The Steelers defense smashed through the Tennesee front for 7 sacks.