Draft week has arrived, and amid all the furious speculation, the claims and counter-claims and counter-counter-claims around certain prospects in particular, one thing remains forever true: the NFL Draft is all about how different people react to the board, and how those differences interact.

This is the dynamic that our Interactive Mock Drafts aim to capture. Each team is split across a number of our writers, who are actively encouraged to trade with each other, while another acts as GM. This particular mock took place on Sunday night (meaning it predated Tuesday’s Frank Clark trade), I took the GM reins, and the 31 teams with top-64 picks were divided as follows:

Alan Cole: Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Denver, LA Chargers, San Francisco, Tampa Bay

Alex Murray: Cincinnati, Detroit, Kansas City, NY Jets, Philadelphia, Tennessee

Joe Hulbert: Carolina, Dallas, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Seattle

Sam Brown: Arizona, Houston, LA Rams, Miami, NY Giants, Pittsburgh

Tyler Arthur: Buffalo, Minnesota, New England, New Orleans, Oakland, Washington

Of note: if you’ve seen our previous interactive mocks, you’ll know that our writers always picked for the teams they supported. Past tense, because Sam explicitly requested not to pick for his Indianapolis Colts this time,as he wanted to see how someone else ran the show for that team.

The answer to that question and many, many more can be found below…