The second of this year’s Read American Football interactive mock drafts took place on April 6th, two weeks after the first. Once again, the mock ran for two rounds, and teams were divided between the writers participating. In this instance, five writers were making picks:

Alex Murray:
Detroit, Houston, LA Rams, New Orleans, NY Giants, Washington
David Howell: Atlanta, Buffalo, Kansas City, LA Chargers, Minnesota, NY Jets
Joe Hulbert: Arizona, Miami, New England, Philadelphia, Seattle, Tampa Bay
Sam Brown: Cincinnati, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Tennessee
Tyler Arthur: Baltimore, Carolina, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Oakland, Pittsburgh

Alan Cole, a staple of these interactive mocks, made his commissioner debut in this one.

A reminder that the emphasis for these interactive mock drafts isn’t predicting what will happen on a pick-by-pick basis, but capturing the dynamic of the draft – the drama, the dilemmas, and the deals. (Trades are very much on in these mocks, though they cannot be made between two teams run by the same person.) This mock definitely doesn’t produce a textbook outcome…