For the Read American Football team, one of the highlights of draft season – if not the year – is our interactive mock drafts. These involve dividing picks between various writers, each acting on what they would do as general managers of the teams they have been allocated – including trading picks with each other (though not between their own teams).

This year’s first interactive mock took place on March 23, ran for two rounds, and involved seven of our writers making picks:

Alan Cole: Atlanta, Dallas, Minnesota, Oakland
Alex Murray: Arizona, Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh
David Howell: Denver, Houston, LA Chargers, NY Giants
Joe Hulbert: Cincinnati, Kansas City, New Orleans, Seattle, San Francisco
Kyle Bennett: Miami, New England, Tampa Bay, Tennessee
Sam Brown: Buffalo, Indianapolis, LA Rams, NY Jets, Washington
Ste Hoare: Carolina, Green Bay, Jacksonville, Philadelphia

This allocation meant everyone picked for their own team, and had either four or five picks in each round.

For those of you unfamiliar with our interactive mock drafts, they hold a very specific purpose: they aren’t aimed at predicting who goes where, but at capturing the dynamic of the draft. After all, the actual draft involves multiple individuals reading and reacting to what’s happening in front of them. The heart of the draft is arguably the drama, dilemmas, and deals – and this particular mock had no shortage of any of those. Here’s how it went down…