The two-week buildup has ended, speculation is about to turn to reality, and the Lombardi Trophy is soon to be hoisted into the cavernous surroundings of Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta; Super Bowl LIII has arrived.

Generations collide; a young Rams team whose relocation is so recent they’re still playing in their temporary college stadium home face off against the ultimate veterans in the Patriots. The gap is astonishing; Sean McVay is eight years, 174 days younger than Tom Brady, yet it’ll be Brady wearing a helmet on one sideline and McVay wearing a cap and headset on the other. That, plus the Patriots beginning their dynasty in an NFC South stadium against the then-St Louis Rams at Super Bowl XXXVI 17 years ago, is the foundation for a great story.

It’s never that simple in the NFL though. Brady’s blind side will be protected by 25-year-old Trent Brown; Jared Goff’s by 37-year-old Andrew Whitworth. Both feature running backs out of the University of Georgia who are nearer 20 than 30. And any time Aaron Donald takes the field, he can become the story. So could any of the other 91 players who will be active on Super Bowl Sunday.

What will the story be? David Howell asked the questions; Alan Cole, Tyler Arthur, and Sam Brown tried to answer them.