Maybe the most exciting single day of the NFL season has arrived, and that day is Championship Sunday.

Yes, these are but the two games that decide the Super Bowl protagonists. But this day offers everything Super Bowl Sunday doesn’t: the games don’t have half-hour breaks for a concert (featuring performers whose fans are telling them not to do it!); games plural, rather than a game singular; familiar foes facing each other, in this case from 2018 regular-season clashes with an unfathomable 163 (!) combined points; above all, the crowd noise from actual home fans, something more obvious than ever this year with Kansas City and New Orleans hosting the games.

As those scores from the regular season (Rams 35-45 Saints, Chiefs 40-43 Patriots) suggest, these teams feature high-flying offensive stars aplenty with their only question marks being on the defensive side of the ball. If you like action, you’re in for a treat today. But what else can you expect other than points? David Howell asked the questions: Alan Cole, Ste Hoare, Tyler Arthur, and Tristan Fitzpatrick joined him in offering their answers.