The playoffs begin for four home teams, and continue for four intrepid visitors, as the Divisional Round brings another four-game feast of football.

Raucous home crowds will be rooting on the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots, and New Orleans Saints to advance to Championship Sunday. Their defenses might need all the help they can get from crowd noise, as all four have been heavily reliant on their offensive play to get them their coveted first-round byes, and all four of their opponents can counter with defensive quality. Plus, nobody’s coming in on short rest, as a quirk of the TV scheduling means all four winners from Wild Card weekend are playing in the exact same timeslots this weekend as they did last.

It could be a very interesting set of games. David Howell asks the questions, and his answers are accompanied by those from Alan Cole, Tyler Arthur, and Ste Hoare.