Wild Card weekend is here, and there are no second chances anymore. Welcome to win-or-go-home football.

Four of the twelve teams standing have secured passage to the divisional round as one of the top two division winners in their conference. The other eight will square off in uncompromising and unpredictable battles to earn the right to face one of those fantastic four.

These questions were asked by David Howell, one of the ten Chargers fans. Answering them are two people who also have their team in action this weekend – Tristan Fitzpatrick (who supports the Eagles) and Sam Brown (whose team are the Colts). And also three people whose teams will be watching on the TV like the rest of us – Alan Cole (whose Falcons weren’t meant to be done yet), Ste Hoare (whose Packers weren’t meant to be done yet), and Tyler Arthur (whose Raiders weren’t meant to be… lacking a top-three draft pick).