It’s never too early for a roundtable, is it?

With four weeks of the 2018 season elapsed, we’ve assembled five of our writers, Sam Brown, David Howell, Alan Cole, Tyler Arthur and Tristan Fitzpatrick, to discuss the first month of action, as well as give their thoughts on how the rest of the season may unfold.

This NFL has thrown up dozens of interesting storylines already, from Patrick Mahomes’ red-hot start in Kansas City to the Browns ending their seemingly eternal winless streak. Rule changes have also been a hot topic of discussion, with roughing the passer becoming an increasingly called penalty. The Rams and Chiefs stand out as the league’s top performers, with bigger names like Pittsburgh and Atlanta struggling, but as we’ve seen too many times before, it takes one week to shift the entire landscape of the NFL.

So, without further ado, lets get to the roundtable!