Hurricane Florence is bearing down on the eastern United States, and by the weekend it could be seen as one of the most devastating natural disasters in American history, with loss of life and property across multiple states based on current ominous forecasts.

Florence is currently taking aim at North Carolina as a Category 4 hurricane, with sustained wind speeds of 130mph that are set to rise still further. While the exact path of Florence is unclear, the threat very much is – and that threat could spread an enormous distance from wherever it makes landfall, as Florence is not just a dot on the radar but a massive spinning cyclone several hundred miles wide.

Worse yet, Florence is forecast to move very slowly after landfall – which is not typical for a hurricane, and could lead to historically intense rainfall extending into the weekend and beyond. Hurricane Harvey last year was one of the most deadly and costly hurricanes in American history precisely because it stalled long enough to produce record-breaking rainfall.

While it seems insulting to think about the impact on sport of what is likely to be a historically devastating storm, the affected areas have their sporting and cultural traditions like any other, football very much included. Here’s a roundup of the potential impact of Florence on NFL and NCAA football this weekend.