Finally, we’re back.

The last image the NFL left us with was at U.S. Bank Stadium in February, where the Philadelphia Eagles ended their over half-century long championship drought with a 41-33 win over the New England Patriots.

Since then we’ve gone through free agency, a fascinating draft process full of intriguing quarterbacks, an excruciating summer, 65 meaningless preseason games, and one team who somehow couldn’t find the money to pay their best player (looking at you, Oakland). But here we are, with real games on the horizon beginning Thursday night in Philadelphia.

There’s a new season here, and our experts are here to preview it from their perspectives. To do it, we’ve got Los Angeles Chargers fan David Howell,  Green Bay Packers supporter Ste Hoare, somehow still an Oakland Raiders fan Tyler Arthur, Indianapolis Colts die-hard Sam Brown, Chicago Bear George Butler, and Atlanta Falcons fan Alan Cole.

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