Every year, the Read American Football team produce what we call an interactive mock draft, where the picks are divided between multiple writers who act on what they would do as general managers. This explicitly includes trading, and the team allocations are made with this in mind, as writers are not allowed to make trades between two of their own teams – they have to be negotiated with another human being. Last week, six of our writers gathered for the 2018 edition – or, to be exact, the first one, as another one is planned for April.

The aim of the interactive mock draft is very simple – instead of getting hung up on the impossible task of predicting who will go where, capture the dynamic of the draft, the drama and the dilemmas. With that in mind, instead of simply breaking down every pick – which would take ages anyway, as this mock went two full rounds – this article will focus its analytical content on the trades, the picks that our writers made particular remarks on, and some of the trends that emerged.

Hint: wait until you see where the pass-catchers went…

Michael Reaves/Getty Images Sport Start slideshow