With the Divisional Round upon us, the time has come to head to our RAF roundtable to see what our writers can envision for a weekend of red-hot football action.

Eight teams remain in the fight for the Lombardi Trophy. Which of those eight will fall this weekend, and which will advance to Championship Sunday? David Howell, Joe Hulbert, Tristan Fitzpatrick, and Alan Cole took questions from Sam Brown, covering all four of the matchups this weekend. As well as predicting who will win each of the games, they were asked about what might make the games go a certain way – key players, key matchups, and – in this year of quarterback injuries – the unheralded signal-callers looking to carry some of this year’s playoff teams deep into championship contention.

Here’s what they responded with. Get ready to watch this weekend’s big-time Divisional Round games with new eyes, folks…

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images Sport Start slideshow