The 2018 NFL Draft is now less than four months away, and with 20 of the NFL’s 32 teams having played their final snaps of the season, thoughts turn firmly towards the top prospects in the college game as fans and front offices alike cross their fingers for players that can bring their teams January football in years to come.

The order of the top 20 picks is now known – with one minor exception – and as such, we can start thinking about what the teams in question might do with those picks. This will not, however, be a 2018 mock draft. For one, we don’t know which college players are declaring early and which are choosing to stay in school. Secondly, there’s free agency first, and usually teams address their needs with either dollars or draft picks – rarely both. (Though the Bears provided a spectacular exception there last year at quarterback.)

What we can do is wonder what teams might do with those precious picks. Here’s what might be coming from the first 20 picks of the 2018 NFL Draft…

Jason Miller/Getty Images Sport Start slideshow