Today’s NFL is a passing league. Every single team – all 32 of them! – passed more often than they ran last year, and receivers are much more reliable on a season-long basis than running backs. No wonder they’ve become increasingly highly coveted in fantasy leagues, to the point that last year they made up the top three off the board in many a draft. That isn’t going to be the case this year, but you’ll need to know about the fantasy prospects of the highly-prized wide receivers anyway, because they still won’t come cheap and they still won’t come with certainty.

In this preview, the top ten WRs based on their Average Draft Position (ADP) in 12-team mock drafts hosted by Fantasy Football Calculator between 28 and 31 July are evaluated with the case for taking them – and the case for leaving them. There’s no such thing as certainty in fantasy football, but while it can be a guessing game, you want to make those guesses as educated as possible. Here’s your pre-draft WR swatting. Good luck!