There are a number of tight ends in this draft that could really make a difference in the NFL. One of these is David Njoku. After two years at Miami, Njoku will be looking to make an impact at the next level.

Combine Results

Njoku made a point at the combine, showcasing his impressive athleticism to make teams strongly consider their pick. He proved why he is one of the top tight ends in the draft.

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 246 lbs

40-Yard Dash: 4.64 seconds

Bench Press: 21

Vertical Jump: 37.5 inches

Broad Jump: 133 inches


When watching David Njoku, you are always amazed by his athleticism. Whether it is jumping for contested catches, securing the ball, leaping over players for touchdowns, shedding tacklers for those extra yards, or even acting as a pass blocker, Njoku has it all. He has the ability to make plays, and making plays is what teams look for. As mentioned, his athleticism is extremely impressive. Athleticism, speed and size makes him a deadly force. A force that makes it extremely difficult for defenders to deal with. I almost feel sorry for defenders that have to deal with him!


Njoku also possess the ability to create leverage on defenders. Having this ability is essential as a tight end. Creating leverage and separation gives Njoku a great advantage over the opposing team and gives the quarterback a great asset. Added to this, Njoku has great vision and knows how to navigate the field.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images Sport


The worrying part of Njoku’s game is that he had a number of dropped catches at Miami. According to PFF, he had a total of 7 drops on 71 catchable catches over two seasons. Adding to this, he had approximately a 55% catch rate on the total of targets he received. Coming into the NFL, Njoku will have to limit these drops.

Blocking is an important asset to have as a tight end and while Njoku does try to block, it appears that he can be more of a body that is in the way rather than a true blocker. Adding to this, he can be overpowered which allows for the defensive lineman to shed his block and get to the running back.

Due to only playing at Miami for two years, Njoku lacks that crucial experience that many players need to develop. While this may seem only minor in the grand scheme of things, this will be something teams will look at when evaluating him.

The Verdict

David Njoku is a very exciting tight end prospect in the draft. He has a lot to offer that will truly benefit a number of teams. Like many who have watched him, NFL teams will be impressed by the athleticism he possesses. The potential is there, Njoku could be a very legitimate threat in the NFL and offers the chance for teams to have a very exciting tight end that could start day one of his NFL career.

RAF Big Board Ranking: #18

Draft Prediction: Njoku is a first round prospect, there is no doubt about that. I feel that he would be more towards the later end of the 1st round. The Miami Dolphins or New York Giants could be possible destinations.