It can take a while to truly know how a draft pick pans out, but usually you get a pretty good idea after three years, so by that measure now is the time to consider a hypothetical 2014 NFL redraft.

The 2014 draft class is likely to go down as one of the better ones in recent history; in particular, a wide receiver group that was already highly-anticipated at the time of the draft amply lived up to the hype, with Odell Beckham Jr. rewriting the record books and the likes of Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins, and Allen Robinson impressing by basically any other standards. This class also had another positional group of immense strength and depth, at guard, plus pass-rushing monsters Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald.

Of course, there was also the usual scattering of busts – notably the Cleveland Browns’ two first-round picks being squandered on Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel, a double disaster for the ages even by that franchise’s standards – but as ever, significant contributors were to be found much lower down the draft and down into the undrafted ranks.

This 2014 NFL redraft starts with the picks that each team owned when the Houston Texans were on the clock with the first pick. However, it does not end there. Instead, it incorporates several trades – based not on the ones that actually took place, but the way this new hypothetical board goes and what teams might have wanted to do in retrospect. Are you ready?