Tennessee has a number of prospects entering this year’s draft, one of whom is running back Alvin Kamara. A very exciting and intriguing prospect in this draft, Kamara has a lot to offer at running back. If I had to use one word to describe Kamara, it would be versatility. He’s my full breakdown of the soon to be NFL running back.

Combine Results

Alvin Kamara set out to make sure he was one of the ‘combine winners’ and he achieved that with many observers pleasantly surprised by his performance. Catching the eye of teams and the media has really benefited Kamara and has offered him further exposure going into the draft.

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 214 lbs

40-Yard Dash: 4.56 seconds

Bench Press: 15

Vertical Jump: 39.5 inches

Broad Jump: 131 inches


Watching Kamara on tape, he comes across as a very exciting prospect. The versatility on offer will have teams strongly considering him an a potential option. The versatile nature of Kamara being able to play at running back and even wide receiver gives teams that extra weapon on offense. If you need someone with incredible burst going down the field or someone with creativity in the passing game, Alvin Kamara is your guy.

One thing that stands out when watching Kamara is his incredible burst as soon as he receives the ball. Having this ability allows him to find a gap and go. Defenders don’t stand a chance at catching him after that initial burst. His tape shows this on multiple occasions. He provides a massive mismatch on offense, a mismatch that will work in his team’s favour.

His incredible burst isn’t the only thing that stands out. Kamara is generally regarded to be small in frame, but you wouldn’t think it watching him. Maybe he uses this as a chip on his shoulder but Kamara acts bigger than his size. Worried about incoming tackles on your running back? Don’t worry, Kamara, despite his perceived size, makes it look effortless when shedding multiple defenders. Thiss mixed with his sharp cuts means defenders are going to struggle to stop him..

Kamara can also line up as a receiver. What sets him apart from others in the draft is his excellent route running and his hands. He is perfect in the slot and proves to be a legitimate and viable weapon there.

Frederick Breedon/Getty Images Sport


Although there appear to not be that many weaknesses with Kamara, the main thing that arises from is his college career is the question of durability and if he can take on an extensive workload. At Tennessee, Kamara never had over 20 rushing attempts. This can, in part, go down to the fact that carries were split between himself and Jalen Hurd. Another area that puts his durability into question are the two knee injuries that he suffered. When teams are looking at this, they may worry that he won’t be able to handle intensity of being a primary back in the NFL.

Kamara has been able to break tackles during his time at Tennessee, but he lacks that bulk and power that is needed to move and push through tackles to gain those extra few yards that could be crucial.

Being a running back, you don’t want to fumble. Kamara at Tennessee fumbled a total of seven fumbles which is approximately a fumble every forty touches. Teams are going to be down on Kamara as this is an issue that clearly needs solving. I feel that much of this goes to down to his stance and how he plays. Kamara seems like a very upright type of running back, which in general is fine, but is does cause issues when tackles are incoming. Rather than getting his head down and powering through them, Kamara appears to still keep his head up and not do all he can to protect the ball. Hopefully for Kamara, this can be coached out.

The Verdict

Kamara is an exciting prospect who will appeal to teams that are looking for versatility on offense. Although he does have some weaknesses that come into question, I feel that teams will be willing to take that risk as he offers something that could make the difference in games. He could prove to be a valuable player in the NFL.

RAF Big Board Ranking: #22

Draft Prediction: I can see Kamara being an early second round pick. With the impressive talent at running back in this draft, I can’t see him going in the first round. He would be an excellent option for the Eagles in the second round as he fits their style offense and has a lot of potential on offer.

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