The highest-ranked NFL draft prospect on our Top 50 list is Texas A&M’s defensive end Myles Garrett and in truth, he’s the best player by a pretty comfortable margin.

Many scouts and analysts have high hopes for the defender and it looks like he is likely to be the top pick in the 2017 NFL draft and it’s easy to see why.

Combine Results

It was anticipated that Garrett was set for a great NFL Combine, due to his freakish physical abilities and he didn’t disappoint. If his on-field performances weren’t enough for some, his combine performance surely would have been enough to prove how great an athlete he is.

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 272 lbs

40-Yard Dash: 4.64 seconds

Bench Press: 33 reps

Vertical Jump: 41 inches

Broad Jump: 128 inches


This could take a while!

Put simply, Myles Garrett is a freak who showcases a rare blend of size and speed.

His explosiveness sets him apart from even some of the best pass rushers we’ve seen in recent years and his burst off the snap will give NFL offensive linemen sleepless nights. When he times his movements correctly off the snap, it is pretty much impossible for tackles to stop him.

He is great at getting around the edge quickly, but that’s not his only move in terms of getting to the quarterback. His spin move is up there with the best I’ve seen and if that’s not enough, he’s big enough and strong enough to get his blocker moving backwards with a bull rush.

Once he’s past his blocker, his closing speed is exceptional and if quarterbacks want to run away from him, he’s more than capable of catching them with his long strides.

He’s an excellent tackler in the run game too, a part of the game which is often overlooked and one added bonus is that his big frame and jumping ability allows him to bat down passes if the quarterback throws before he gets to him or if his blocker does a good job of slowing him down.

Butch Dill/Getty Images Sport


In terms of pass rushing, he does very little wrong, although Texas A&M did give him about a quarter of their snaps off, so perhaps there’s a question about his conditioning.

He can get himself too upright at times which makes him easier to block as he loses some of the drive from his legs.

Also, because he’s so physically dominant, he can be a bit lazy in terms of using his hands. Against better blockers in the NFL, he’ll need to work on that.

In the run game, he can be pushed backwards by blockers who come at him as he is prone to losing a bit of leverage.

The Verdict

Pretty straight forward really. Myles Garrett is the best prospect who is entering the draft this year and nobody will be surprised if he goes on to have an All-Pro type career in the NFL.

His physical attributes simply make him stand out and NFL coaches will be desperate to have him on their team. If he can refine some of the technical aspects of his game, the sky really is the limit for Garrett

RAF Big Board Ranking: #1

Draft Prediction: Unless somebody really falls in love with a quarterback, Garrett will be the first overall pick.

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