The current landscape has changed in the world of the Read American Football Fantasy League. We have new entrants into the arena, same old faces topping the leader boards and new challengers.

I’ve broken down what has happened over weeks 1-5:

Week One notable results

Daniel Bird def Ross Williams:

147.20 – 104.40

This was a very high scoring game and Ross would have beat anybody else but Alan Cole who put up a whole .52 of a point more than him.

Sam Brown def Joe Hulbert:

88.42 – 70.62

A distinctly low scoring game but Sam Brown took a divisional game against his nemesis from last year and RAFFL 2015 champion Joe Hulbert.

Week Two notable results

Michael Oliver def Daniel Bird:

125.32 – 123.78

In a close run game going all the way to Sunday Night Football where Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodgers sank Packers fan Daniel Bird to a crushing defeat, where if he played anybody else that week, he would have run away as a handsome winner. A big week by Matt Forte helped Michael take the win.

Ross Williams def Alan Cole:

84.20 – 77.52

Divisional game came very close but Ross, who made the playoffs in 2015, beat new comer Alan Cole as both went to 1-1. DeAndre Hopkins tipped it over the edge for Ross in this one.

Week Three notable results

David Howell def Sam Brown:

77.72 – 75.66

Another week, another division game and this one came down to the wire, ultimately David Howell came away with his first W of the year and dropped Sam to 2-1.

Joe Hulbert def Daniel Bird:

142.96 – 73.54

This was a pasting to end all pasting.

Week Four notable results

Michael Oliver def Kyle Bennett:

86.70 – 86.24

What a game, what a nail biter! A Cairo Santos extra point in a blow out in Pittsburgh was the difference in this game. The win pushed Michael to 3-1, he’s running away with his division.

Week Five notable results

Sam Brown def Kyle Bennett:

96.76 – 96.46

Another week, another crushing loss for Kyle, this week losing by just 0.3 points. His team was looking to bounce back with the addition of LeVeon Bell but it was not to be, as Sam Brown’s lucky streak continued.

Joe Hulbert def Michael Oliver:

135.14 – 85.46

The battle of the titans was in week five, however Michael looked fairly weak in this effort and Joe romped away with the victory and first place in the division going into Week Six .


Article Aces:

Team W-L Points Difference
Micheal Oilver 4-1 +17.78
Kyle Bennett 2-3 +26.26
Tristan Fitzpatrick 1-4 -50.46
Stephen Byrne 0-5 -68.20

Word Warriors:

Team W-L Points Difference
Sam Brown 4-1 +28.40
Joe Hulbert 4-1 +141.98
George Butler 3-2 +2.16
David Howell 1-4 -100.12

Click Chasers:

Team W-L Points DIfference
Ross Williams 3-2 -17.60
Alan Cole 3-2 +8.98
Alex Murray 2-3 +67.00
Daniel Bird 2-3 -56.16