It is that time of year where the NFL playoffs have began and we are all really happy for a month. Our writers at Read American Football got together and predicted our winner for each one of the matchups this weekend. There are a fair few disagreements amongst our group:

Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans

Alan Cole: Chiefs

Joe Hulbert: Chiefs

Sam Brown: Chiefs

Ste Hoare: Chiefs

Daniel Bird: Chiefs

Jamie Parry: Chiefs

Ruairi Daly: Chiefs

Stephen Byrne: Chiefs

Total: Chiefs 8-0 Texans

Jamie Squire/Getty Images Sport

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals.

Alan Cole: Bengals

Joe Hulbert: Steelers

Sam Brown: Bengals

Ste Hoare: Steelers

Daniel Bird: Bengals

Jamie Parry: Steelers

Ruairi Daly: Bengals

Stephen Byrne: Bengals

Total: Steelers 5-3 Bengals

Christian Petersen/Getty Images Sport

Seattle Seahawks @ Minnesota Vikings

Alan Cole: Seahawks

Joe Hulbert: Seahawks

Sam Brown: Seahawks

Ste Hoare: Seahawks

Daniel Bird: Seahawks

Jamie Parry: Seahawks

Ruairi Daly: Seahawks

Stephen Byrne: Seahawks

Total: Seahawks 8-0 Vikings

Rob Carr/Getty Images Sport

Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins

Alan Cole: Redskins

Joe Hulbert: Redskins

Sam Brown: Packers

Ste Hoare: Redskins

Daniel Bird: Packers

Jamie Parry: Redskins

Ruairi Daly: Packers

Stephen Byrne: Packers

Total: Packers 4-4 Redskins

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images Sport