Starting quarterbacks in the National Football League are all unique. Some are very good. See: Brady, Tom.

Some are very… questionable. See: Cutler, Jay.

One thing they all have in common, though, is constant dissection of their playing abilities and style. Ron Jaworski has ranked them, pointing out their strengths and flaws. Jon Gruden has depicted what plays they ran and what checks they missed. He’s sat with them in his panic room looking bus-office that ESPN gave him as the former Tampa Bay coach has grilled them with a friendly smile on his face.

Something that they haven’t been graded on would be speculation into how much fun they’d be to hang out with. There are obvious reasons explaining this, including it has borderline no impact on games nor why franchises should or should not invest millions upon millions of dollars into a man.

But, we all lounge on our couches on Sundays with our own friends, unfairly disparaging every throw that these refined, meticulously prepared athletes make. Of those we denigrate, who would we prefer most that would be sitting next to us, acting like a normal human being on a Sunday afternoon? Well, here they are, ranked.

Note: there’s no advanced metric created by someone in their basement in Connecticut for me to call on to quantify this purely objective sequence, nor is there much fact to back up said opinions.