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Sam Darnold vs. Luke Falk: Tape Study

Come April, we’ll be seeing a whole new crop of franchise-changing players enter the NFL from the ranks of college football. The quarterback class … Read More
  • By Alan Cole
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Non-Traditional Powers Have Big Chances In Week Four

College football is an unfair game. The more resources you have, the better you can recruit, the better your players are, and eventually you’ll … Read More
  • By Alan Cole
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The Rematch Lived Up – And Then Some

“4th and 5, the National Championship on the line right here” You probably heard that iconic line of commentary from Keith Jackson a lot this … Read More
  • By Alan Cole
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Clemson Dominates Louisville Behind Perfect Game Plan

How do you stop the best player in the country? That was the question for Clemson this week, point blank. Not only is Louisville quarterback … Read More
  • By Alan Cole
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Keys To the Weekend – Week Two

After an entertaining but mostly upset free week 1 of college football, we are ready to go in week two. A handful of games with teams from Florida … Read More
  • By Alan Cole
  • 7 min read time
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Hurricane Irma: Potential NFL and NCAA Impacts This Weekend

Hurricane Irma has been ominously moving westward across the Atlantic Ocean while the world's eyes were trained on the damage caused by Hurricane … Read More