Now that the dust has settled on one of the most forgettable weekends in the history of the NFL Playoffs, it’s time to dissect what we can from an astoundingly bland two days of football.

After three lopsided affairs, the football world’s hopes rested on the Giants-Packers showdown to rescue Wild Card Weekend, but after an intriguing start, the Packers soon ran away with proceedings.

Whilst it wasn’t the rollercoaster of emotions we’d hoped for, the first round of the playoffs left us looking for answers on a number of matters.

Here are give questions following WildCard Weekend:

1: What to do with Eli Manning?

Even the most optimistic of Giants fan could only hope that “Playoff Eli” would show up when asked about their offense in a potential post-season run. Manning looks like he’s on a slippery slope, with his arm looking increasingly shot throughout the year. “Playoff Eli” was only ever won a playoff game in two seasons, and whilst that doesn’t take away from his Super Bowl runs, it begs the question given his declining state: Do the Giants need to move on to make use of this talented defense? A dead cap figure of 42 million this year and 18 million next year may give Giants fans an answer they don’t like.

2. Should the NFL listen to Bill Belichick?

The year is 2017, and despite the fact scoring reviews were brought in six years ago, the following touchdown was allowed:

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images Sport

Despite the sizeable amount of facemask in his right hand, this spectacular Paul Richardson grab was awarded six points, even after the luxury of a video replay. If everyone in the stadium,including the refs, know it shouldn’t stand, then why should it stand?

Bill Belichick has lobbied for all plays to be reviewable, whether through challenge or as part of a scoring review. While this has the potential to slow down the last two minutes of each half, it would result in more accurate officiating.

3: Is there science to the prayer?

Once is luck. Twice is coincidence. Three times is an enemy action.

Once again Aaron Rodgers had a Hail Mary caught in the endzone for a touchdown, with Randall Cobb joining Jeff Janis and Richard Rodgers on the list of recipients. Since 2015, three of the six Hail Mary’s answered in the NFL have been thrown by Green Bay’s no.12. Is luck just on his side?

There’s no doubt that Rodgers possess own of the most powerful arms in the league, allowing him to throw higher and get a steeper angle of attack on these attempts. Is this reason enough to explain his freakish success rate? You decide.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images Sport

4: Is Jadeveon Clowney a human being?

Dominant defensive play aside, just look at the sheer size of Clowney nxt to the ESPN crew:

That man in the very middle there? With the blue tie? That’s 6″3′ Randy Moss looking up at this monster trying to figure out where he put the other two dwarfs.

5: Why didn’t Jack Del Rio call on Matt McGloin?

I understand there was no guarantee that McGloin would have fared well against the Texans’ fearsome D, but why wasn’t he thrusted in as relief for the overwhelmed Connor Cook?

If McGloin was fit enough to dress, and fit enough to replace an injured Cook, then in my book, he was fit enough to bail out a helpless rookie who couldn’t move the ball.